Harambee Stars coach Jacob Ghost Mulee with his brother [Courtesy]

There was a moment of panic from football lovers after Harambee stars head coach Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee shared a photo of himself in hospital. Also in the picture captioned “We thank God for a successful procedure,” was his sibling and a medical practitioner. Details from our source now reveal that Ghost travelled alongside his brother to India as a kidney donor.

However, upon conducting medical examinations, the doctors realised that his brother's remaining kidney was not badly off and could regenerate itself with the right medical procedures.

 In a text detail shared with us, Mulee explains to his former teammates about his situation.

“I accompanied my brother to India to donate one of my kidneys after diagnosis back home. After examination in India, the Professor found no need for a transplant. They’ve worked to save the only kidney and managed,” he wrote.

However, as they absorbed the good news, more details emerged about the famed tactician turned media personality. “I do my medical check annually and seeing the advanced state of medical facilities in New Delhi, I decided to have it performed here. Despite getting a clean bill of health in my tests in Nairobi, they’ve found I have a condition named sleep apnea,” he indicated. 

Despite his fit lifestyle as a tactician and his known passion for skating, Ghost nearly suffered from the long term effects of persons suffering from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. According to Dr. Maxwell Okoth from RFH hospital, symptoms associated with the condition include loud snoring and observed episodes of not breathing while asleep.

“If you also wake up tired and sleepy after a full night’s sleep, you may also be suffering from it,” he points out. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea which occurs when the throat muscles relax in most cases when an individual goes to sleep. Often, the condition affects persons suffering from obesity and excess weight in which the throat and tongue muscles relax during sleeping thus blocking the airway.

If untreated, the condition has a history of increasing a number of health problems including strokes, heart failure and high blood pressure.

According to former National and KBFC midfielder Sammy Sholei, Ghost chose to undergo the treatment while still in India.

“He’s such a great soul. He was ready and willing to donate his organ to his brother. However, when the situation changed, he decided to undergo the operation to correct his apnea condition. I’m glad to inform you that he is recuperating well and was in high spirits when we did a live link yesterday,” he said.

Sholei however added that Mulee was still sore as a result of the medical procedure and couldn’t talk much. “We talked in sign gestures but you could tell he is doing just fine. Often, he would laugh at our gestures and everyone knows how infectious his laughter can get,” Sholei remarked. 

It may not still be clear when the tactician will jet back to the country due to the rapid surge in Covid - 19 positivity rate and deaths in India.