KFCB CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua [Edward Kiplimo, Standard]

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Wednesday hit out at Kenyans for double standards, stating that most of them are actually corrupt but only lack an opportunity to steal. Through a series of tweets, Mutua noted that most netizens who ‘make noise’ on social media often elect leaders along tribal lines in the hope of getting kickbacks later.

“Those shouting about corruption and bad governance are the ones who demand for money from people vying for political offices. They do not elect leaders on their ability to lead, but on the basis of who can give handouts. It's difficult to be elected in Kenya without money,” he tweeted.

The KFCB boss further hit out at social media bullies saying they have no moral authority to demand accountability from anyone. “And you social media bullies and keyboard warriors, you are the most irresponsible people on earth. You have no moral authority to demand accountability from anyone when you hide behind anonymity to insult people. You do it with impunity because you can't be held to account!” he added.

The thread drew the attention of US-based scholar Prof Makau Mutua who asked Mutua whether he would be compromised if someone attempted to bribe him against censoring same-sex movies. The ‘moral cop’, as he is often referred to, went ahead to reveal that when he banned Rafiki a number of people from LGBTQ groups were willing to give bribes to have it approved but he stood his ground.

“When I banned Rafiki, I got such overtures. LGBT guys wanted that film so bad that they were willing to bribe people to get it approved. I stood my ground.

“Someone more senior was compromised and wrote a letter terminating my contract. He himself was sacked so publicly!” said Mutua.

Ezekiel Mutua revealed that when he banned Rafiki a number of people from LGBTQ groups were willing to give bribes to have it approved. [File, Standard]

In recent weeks there has been uproar on social media over Kenya’s ballooning debt and a section of netizens signed a petition through change.org in a bid to stop the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from giving another loan to Kenya.

According to Jefferson Murrey, one of the organisers of the petition, a number of loans given to Kenya have not been utilized well.

“This (petition) is in recognition of the fact that previous loans to the Kenya government have not been prudently utilised and have often resulted in mega corruption scandals. The scandals have not deterred the ruling regime from more appetite for more loans, especially from China.

“Right now, Kenyans are choking under the heavy burden of taxation, with the cost of basic commodities such as fuel skyrocketing, and nothing to show for the previous loans,” said Murrey.