Diana Marua [Photo: Courtesy]

Social media personality cum YouTuber Diana Marua has opened up on her carefree life before meeting husband Bahati and deciding to settle down and start a family. Speaking on her YouTube channel, the mother of three admitted to using men for money explaining that she grew up with nothing and therefore wanted to experience the good life money could get her.

“In my life, I have done things that I am not proud to say but that was my life and it’s in the past. I’m going to share it with you because I want my story to encourage and inspire someone so that you know that whatever is happening in your life is not permanent. I used to date men for money at some point in my life because I lacked the whole of my life to a point where all I wanted was a good life, all I wanted was to live well. I dated guys for money and I had one who paid my rent, another did my house shopping and I had someone to buy me clothes and another to take me out,” she said.

Refuting claims that she married Bahati for money, Diana went on to explain that when she met her husband, she had everything she ever wanted money-wise. “Let me tell you something, in my early 20’s, money for me was never a problem and I see people on social media talking about me dating Bahati for his money and all that. Guys I don’t want to brag but let me tell you, even when Bahati met me and we used to hang out, I used to come in different cars. When we meet today I had this car, the next time we met again I had another car and one day he asked me, ‘Where do you get all these cars?’ at that time we had not known each other that much.

“He knew I didn’t have a job but I lived the life. I used to wear nice clothes and all that. When I went for shopping I bought so much the fridge door couldn’t close, that was my life,” said Diana. Since Bahati was so concerned about the money and cars she drove, Diana says she had to lie to him that she had a car hire company that hired out cars and that’s why she could change them as often as she did, not knowing that one of her boyfriends at the time was the one with a car hire company and not her.

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“I had a boyfriend who owned a car hire so he could let me take whatever car I wanted. I lied to Baha and told him I had a fleet of cars and I’m in a car hire business.” Diana says it did not end there. She went on to explain that at some point she was a side chick to a married man. “At some point, I was even a side-chick to a married guy and I’m not telling you this because I’m proud of it, it was just part of my life.

Let me tell you I used to like that guy so much and he liked me too and I remember there was a time he told me he wasn’t in a position to leave his wife for me but was willing to buy me a car and house under my name. He even offered to give me one of the three kids I wanted at the time.”

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Going through the whole rollercoaster of having to refrain from reaching out to the married man she wanted to start a life with, Diana says she resolved to end the relationship. “These things don’t work, it is just for a season. He will get tired of you and pick someone else, furthermore, he has nothing to lose.”