Suzy Kirui, former Miss Earth Kenya [Photo: Courtesy]

Beauty queen Suzy Kirui has explained that she used to be bullied and demeaned as a tomboy because she did not value make-up, was a bookworm, and student leader.

“When I was growing up, pageantry wasn’t my forte, and neither was make-up. I used to be called a tomboy. When I was in high school, I was school captain and was in the category of lawyer-nurses line of dreams," she said.

She would eventually drop out of med school at Chiromo to become a hotel brand ambassador and ultimately a model .

“In Chiromo, First Year I was doing biology and it wasn’t my cup of tea. I decided to venture into something I thought would be aligned with my modeling career. I’m currently doing business finance; I'll be graduating in November.”

Kirui revealed she sold the dream to her parents and transitioning into her new career path was hectic. She delved into modeling after high school after her friends pressured her into pursuing modeling saying her petite body was suitable for that. Eventually, she attempted freelance modeling and has worked with supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana.

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Speaking of going all out, boy band, H_art The Band and BET nominee Khaligraph Jones have been the talk of town after hiring a chopper for an entire day to shoot a video of their latest song, ‘Watabonga’ - a grass to grace tale and an affirmation that persistence pays.

As if to drive the point home, the artistes who all hail from Kayole, flew in the chopper to different set locations. "The bar has been set high. Khaligraph is going to represent us at BET, so why not spend on a quality video," the band joked. The video was shot by Enos Olik.

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