Michael Njogo Gitonga alias Uhunye [Photo: Courtesy]

Something as trivial as eating ‘githeri’ in a queue got one Martin Kimotho famous in just a day. This time, looks have done it for another Kenyan. A photo of Michael Njogo Gitonga went viral on social media, and what caught the attention of many is the fact that he resembles President Uhuru Kenyatta. His uncanny resemblance to the president became the hot topic on social media.

Feeding into their curiosity, many Kenyans wanted to know whether Michael Njogo Gitonga alias Uhunye, has any blood ties to the president. His rise to fame is just as trivial and unintentional as that of Githeri Man. What next for Michael Njogo Gitonga?

Being in the limelight now, 'Uhunye' is getting favours and celebrity treatment that would have otherwise remained a pipe dream. In an interview with Inooro TV, Uhunye admitted to not having any blood ties with the president, adding that he has never met him. He has seen drastic changes in his life in recent days, but currently the question many people are asking is who is the benefactor of this grand gesture?... Who is behind the new car that Uhunye is now the legal owner of? Could it be his look-alike?... And will Uhuru be inviting Michael to state house soon? Only time will tell Uhunye's fate.