A Mobile Munchies vehicle.

Nairobi’s Upper Hill area has some of the best restaurants in the city. This location is home to hotels like Radisson Blu, Nairobi Serena and Hillpark Hotel.

Upper Hill which borders the CBD records minimal traffic and human congestion which makes it a prestigious address for big investors and small ones like Mobile Munchies.

Humphrey Vigiza, the operations manager, says their idea was not only to save the pockets of middle class people working in the big offices but also those who might feel lonely eating in costly offices.

Just like the name suggests, Munchies is a mobile food carrier which bridges the gap between high end restaurants and five star hotels.

They have been serving the working class based in Upper Hill for more than six months and business looks promising.

“We have been here for more than six months now and the uptake is good. People who could not afford meals around are now happy,” he told City Biz.

One can grab a quick meal including chapati and beans for around Sh100-150.

Like ordinary hotels in Nairobi, here one can grab a quick meal including chapati and beans for around Sh100-150.

“You can also find ndengu and chapati. Those with deep pockets have been considered and can get a piece of chicken among other foods,”

While the mobile track is always packed at the junction of Mara and Chyulu next to KMA Plaza, some loyal clients trek from Kenyatta National Hospital to grab a meal during lunch break.

“Other customers come from CIC, Bank of Africa and other posh offices within. We operate from Monday to Saturday but sometimes we move around depending on the location of customers,” Vigiza said.

Munchies, according to the manager, make and serve food from their kitchen based along Ngong Road hence their ability to cater for tens of clients on a daily basis.

“We also deliver food around depending on orders. We cater for those who prefer eating from the comfort of their offices or are based far away from our station,” said a staff of Mobile Munchies who also offer outside catering.