Couple eating out
  • Job hunting and dating are similar in so many ways
  • Know your objectives before getting into the situation
  • Be willing to compromise but don’t compromise too much

 There are a lot of parallels between job hunting and dating. For starters, both require you to make a deliberate search and hope to be invited for a date/interview.

You fret over finding the perfect outfit for the date/interview. During the date/interview, you have to try and make sure you paint yourself in the best light to your prospective employer/partner.

Over the next few days, you obsess and agonise over the job/date as you wait to hear from them. In both job hunting and dating, you know you stand a chance of hearing the dreaded words; “thanks, but no thanks”, or worse, getting no feedback at all.

With so many similarities between dating and job hunting, we can take some of the employment interviewing tactics recruiters use and apply them to dating.

Here are five job-hunting skills that could come in handy in dating as well:

Know your objectives before getting into the situation

Before you accept a new job, you first make sure that you are happy with the conditions, i.e. pay off days etc.

You go in with the goals you want to achieve in mind as well. The same should be applied in dating.

Before you start a relationship with someone, your must-haves and deal-breakers should be made clear.

Make sure that you and your prospective partner are on the same page on important issues such as exclusivity, marriage and starting a family and how soon you want to start reaching these milestones with them.

Don’t be desperate

Being out of work for a while can make one desperate and make them jump at any job that will bring them some money and stop them from being idle.

The problem with desperation is that it makes people settle for bad jobs when they deserve so much better.

Similarly, when a person starts to feel lonely, he/she might agree to go out with the first person that asks, just so they won’t feel alone.

They sell themselves short and date the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

Be willing to compromise but don’t compromise too much

When deciding if you are going to take a new job, you look at the pros and cons and decide what you can and cannot live with it.

For example, your new job pays extremely well but you will have to work weekends. Can you accept that?

Similarly, when vetting a potential romantic partner, you should know what you are willing to compromise on and what you are not.

Perhaps your new man meets all your other requirements but has a child from a previous relationship. Are you ready to accept that?

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

Sometimes when we are desperate for a job, we pretend to have skills we don’t have. This tactic never works and can make you appear as a dishonest and manipulative person.

Similarly, in dating, a person can be so hell-bent on impressing a new love interest that he/she pretends to be something he/she isn’t.

Just be yourself and if someone doesn’t like you for who you are, move on.

Check past relationship ‘experience’ of prospective partners

Recruiters always look at prospective employees’ past experience to see if they will be a good fit for the company.

They are interested in knowing who you have worked for and for how long you worked for them.

You should apply the same when vetting potential partners. If your date has been in a lot of relationships over a short period of time, that can tell you that he/she isn’t commitment minded.