President Uhuru Kenyatta with students of Jilore High school after presenting a school bus to the institution at State House Mombasa in 2018. Photo: Cortesy.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is known for travelling incognito when he does not want to rouse the public’s attention.  Uhuru’s unconventional style of movement has given Kenyans a chance to spot him in the most unusual situations including driving himself several times and even waiting patiently in traffic gridlock. On several occassions, citizens and police officers alike have been left baffled after running into the president without his usual entourage.Here are some noteworthy sightings of the president himself without his official entourage.

Uhuru, Raila night visit

The most recent incident involved the President and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. On the night of June 1, CCTV cameras captured persons resembling President Uhuru and Raila looking at Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) works along Kenyatta Avenue.

The video shows a car stop by the construction of pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes at about 8.25 pm followed by several SUVs. The small motorcade made up of unmarked cars is accompanied by heavily armed police.

Attends mass alone

President Uhuru at the Holy Family Basilica. Photo: Courtesy.

In 2019, churchgoers at the Holy Family Basilica were stunned after the president turned up for mass without any noticeable security detail. Dressed casually in a blue, striped polo shirt and khakis, the president entered the compound discreetly.

It was only after alighting from the black Mercedes G-Wagon that the congregants recognized him, with some rushing to greet him. He later attended the Magical Kenya Open Golf tournament at the Karen Country Club where he was spotted driving a golf cart.

Unsuspecting traffic cop stops Uhuru in an unmarked car

President Uhuru drives a quad bike at State House during a Christmas party hosted for children of various children homes, police officers and State House staff. Photo: Courtesy.

Six years ago, a police officer was shocked when he stopped a motorist only to find President Uhuru in the driver’s seat.  After flagging down the unmarked car, the vehicle slowed down before trying to drive past. However, the police officer stood his ground.The vehicle stopped and President Uhuru rolled down the window saying: “Ni mimi ofisa, fungua (it is me officer, let us pass),” to the stunned cop.

The Nairobianreported that the police officer was part of a team mobilized to facilitate the president’s movement from State House Mombasa to a five-star hotel for a family meeting.

Buying groundnuts in a traffic jam

President Uhuru likes driving himself. Photo: Courtesy.

In January 2014, a video of President Uhuru buying groundnuts from hawkers along Uhuru Highway surfaced.  In the video, President Uhuru is sen talking to kids hawking groundnuts in a traffic jam. “Utanunua?” poses one of the kids to which the president responds saying:  “Tosha ya leo, nishanunua.

One of the kids then asks President Uhuru for some money and he is seen removing a wad of notes before handing it over to the group.

“Mheshimiwa asante, Mungu akubariki,” one of the children says. “Nawe pia” Uhuru responds.

Armoured car door almost fells Uhuru

The president was almost felled by an armoured car door.

During a tour of South Arica two years ago, President Uhuru was almost felled by the door of a BMW after a mishap by a member of his security detail.

A video of the incident depicts the bodyguard opening the left, back door but just as President Uhuru steps out, the door swings back and knocks him. Another bodyguard attempts to hold back the door but it is too late; Uhuru stumbles momentarily before regaining balance and walks down the red carpet like nothing happened.

As the camera pans away to focus on the president, his PA Jomo Gecaga steps in and taps the bodyguard.