Jalang’o with Levis Otieno Rabah and his mother.

After a picture of Levis Otieno Rabah, a Form One student admitted to Kanga High School reporting to the school with two bars of soap and his metal box went viral on social media, Milele FM presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o took it upon himself to ensure his school fees and shopping were taken care of.  

“Please someone confirm to me this story…Just seen it online. Trying to reach Kanga High School to verify the same. We will do a complete Form 1 shopping and pay his school from Form One to Form Four. If anyone has the principal’s phone number, please share in the DM,” wrote Jalang’o.

With help from various well-wishers and notable personalities such as Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and musician Akothee, Jalang’o travelled to Migori to clear Levis’s school fees and visit his mother.

Announcing the news on his Instagram page, the comedian thanked everyone who played a part in ensuring Levis’ education was secured.

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“Off to Kanga High school to finish the story of Levin Rabah! The boy who reported with two bar soaps. With me are his 4 years of school fees and whole term shopping! So we fly to Kisumu 45mins then drive to Migori County through Kisii. That’s two hours away. I will be at Kanga God willing at 3 pm latest.

“We also plan to visit the mum in the village then drive back to Kisumu for 8 pm flight. I want to thank everyone who was part of this amazing story.

“The teacher who took the photo and shared it, the principal who despite everything still admitted the student. I want to thank everyone who contributed through the school Paybill Number. I want to send personal thank you to @joho_001. Big thank you to @quickmartkenya, @trippygotours @akotheekenya, Jared Otieno who all came in handy to ensure that this journey is complete,” he wrote.

Jalang’o with Levis Otieno Rabah.

Heart of giving

Not too long ago the radio presenter’s long term friend Anyiko Woko celebrated hi, describing him as a giver.

In the heartfelt Instagram post, the former Grapevine show host explained that every time she bumped into Jalango’o he would offer to buy her food and she would accept because she had no money then.

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“This man has always had a heart of giving! I won’t forget when I used to walk along the streets of Kijabe and Harry Thuku, between the university and my BBC and KBC hustles. Every single day or time, I bumped into Jalas (who at the time was running his theatre company based at KNT), he would ask me if I had eaten lunch.

“Those days I was broke AF and strangely honest, I would just say no and to my surprise, always, he would give me money to go buy lunch or take me out, and even drop me where I was going and then go on to encourage me to continue working hard. Like, seriously I never said thank you enough,” she wrote.