Contrary to common belief, one can be drugged anywhere and not only in clubs.

Now that the festive season is officially here with us, celebrations will be the order of the month.

December celebrations automatically translate into lots of social gatherings, be it with family, friends or even colleagues over food and drinks.

Unfortunately, some of these gatherings don’t end up well for everyone as some end up being drugged and their belongings stolen or worse off, being raped or even murdered.

Contrary to common belief, one can be drugged anywhere and not only in clubs.

How to prevent your drink from being spiked

First of all, it is advised that you drink sparingly. This will help you stay alert and be aware of your surrounding or any suspicious sensations.

Ensure that you finish your drink before you stand up to go dancing or visit the washroom so that when you return, you make a new order.

If you are not able to finish, ensure you leave your drink with someone you trust.

Do not accept already opened drinks from strangers or individuals you just met. If you have to accept the drink, order it yourself and see it being served.

Always go out in the company of two or more friends to increase your safety chances.

You suspect you have been spiked

Although it is unlikely for you to tell if your drink has been spiked due to the tasteless and odourless nature of the drugs used, it is advised to act immediately if you suddenly feel drunker or start having the following symptoms; loss of balance, nausea, confusion, blurry vision, vomiting and unconsciousness.

If you are on your own, use your phone to call someone you trust and ask them to come pick you up.

If you are in a club and there are guards or bouncers, approach them and tell them you have been drugged and ask to stay with them until help arrives.

Seek medical attention from the nearest hospital to manage potential damage done by the drug.