Babu Owino.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has offered to sponsor a university student who dropped out of school for lack of fees.

According to Babu, the comrade, named Cosmas Mutua dropped out of university to become a guard in Mombasa after failing to raise the tuition fees.

Through social media post a week ago, Babu appealed for anyone with Mutua’s whereabouts to contact him so he can help the night guard complete his education.

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“If anyone knows the whereabouts of this comrade who dropped out from the university to be a watchman because of lack of fees to alert me. I want to help him complete his studies,” the legislator captioned a photo alongside Mutua.

Meeting Mutua

Yesterday, Mutua travelled to Nairobi and met Babu, with the outspoken politician promising to fully sponsor him till he graduates.

“Today I met comrade Cosmas Mutua who dropped out of Multimedia University because of lack of school fees to be a watchman in Mombasa.

“He arrived in Nairobi today morning and we discussed several issues pertaining his education which I will fully sponsor till he graduates. God bless Comrades,” wrote the former University of Nairobi students leader.

Babu Owino meets Cosmas Mutua.

Video feeding daughter

Babu has used social media to endear himself to his followers as he recently shared a video having breakfast with his daughter.  

In the video that elicited many reactions, a shirtless Babu is seen feeding his daughter who’s perched on his lap.

“Breakfast with my daughter,” he wrote.