Mejja 'Okonkwo' (Photo: Courtesy)

Kansoul group member Mejja’s daughter has been admitted in hospital with pneumonia.

Mejja, real name Mejja Meme Hadhija announced the news on his Instagram with a moving caption describing his daughter as a fighter.

“She Is a fighter. From Friday amekuwa hosi na pneumonia. She is a soldier and my inspiration,” he said.

Many of his fans and fellow artists flooded his comment section to wish the little princess a quick recovery.

Thecremedelacreme Bro She in our prayers. She’s healed in Jesus name

Kapchanga_abel Mazee iza okwonko,she will be fine God will heal her

Elishifawangeshi Quick recovery baby girl

Clemmo254 Pole kwake...namtakia hafueni ya haraka toto.

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Ngolo_b Pole mgenge... She is already healed

Joeykinyua Sorry about that dear. She will be well in Jesus name. Quick recovery princess.

Eric_radioproducer Quick recovery to your little Angel

Some of Okwonko’s fans were however worried that his daughter was having ice cream with her condition.

Mejja and his dughter in hospital (Photo: Courtesy)

Macphee_m Buda boss. Pneumonia na ice cream is not a good combination tafadhali. Quick recovery to her and try avoiding cold things for a while

Marthatiziah Na ice cream?

Gathirwaanthony Pole sana kaka... Quick heal Totoo kindly let her avoid ice-creams for now....

Kinjoh_mbuguah Quick recovery baby lakini pneumonia na ice-cream issa no.

Ideltubulu @mejjagenge izah manzee lakini pneumonia na ice cream

Mejja responded by saying, “Ni ice cream warm imesha melt na amepewa hosi.”

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