The late Caroline Gakii Kirimi and Christine Gatwiri Kirimi of Gretsa University [Photo: Courtesy]

By a twist of fate, identical twins Carol Gakii and Christine Gatwiri never left each other’s side. Even when the cruel hand of death struck a fortnight ago, the two inseparable sisters were together.

The twins, born on October 10, 1996, were killed on June 4 on Thika Road.

They were buried yesterday in an emotional send-off at their home in Mpukoni village in Chuka/Igambangombe, Tharaka Nithi County.

At the home near the Kangoro-Ikuu-Rubate dirt road, some eight kilometres off the main Nairobi-Meru highway, neighbours and relatives confessed they had difficulties distinguishing between the two.

Casty Karimi, 51, the coordinator of the Catholic Charismatic Movement at Our Lady of Consolation, Mpukoni Catholic Church, had a special bond with the young girls, but even though a neighbour, she used to call them either of the two names.

Grandmother to the twins Charity Kaburi [Photo: Peter Muthomi]

“They would greet me back with a chuckle and then I would know I had gotten it wrong,” Ms Karimi said at the girls’ home, where a condolence vigil has been taking place since their death early this month.

Only their mother Josphine Karimi, and very close relatives such as 70-year-old grandmother Charity Kaguri, and uncle Arnord Mugambi, 42, could clearly distinguish the two.

When The Standard visited the home yesterday, Ms Karimi was too traumatised to talk about her departed children, instead referring us to her mother and brother, who have been on her side since she was left alone with the children when she bore them.

Wrinkled with age and traumatised by the deaths of the jolly girls she had shared a house with since their birth, Kaguri narrated her agonising wait before the news of the death was broken to her.

They had rented a room at Witeithie, outside Thika town, from where they commuted to college.

It was on the nearby desolate Thika Road stretch between Witeithie and Njomoko (Mangu Road junction) near the Vincentian Retreat Centre that the twins would die together on the night of June 4 in unclear circumstances.

Mercy Karegi, a relative, said police had told the family the girls were knocked down by a Thika-Witeithie town service matatu, which is currently held at the Thika Police Station.

 “What is intriguing is that the girls’ bodies were found on the Nairobi outbound side of the highway, which is inexplicable because they had parted with a friend in Thika town at 7pm and the accident happened at 8pm,” said Ms Karegi.

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