Jaydee with her lover Spicy [Photo: Courtesy]

Very much in love, bongo artist Lady Jaydee is not one to hide her affection for her hunk of a boyfriend, Chibuikem Nwanegbo aka Spicy.

Always in each other’s company, it is evident their love is deep and growing stronger by the day. In celebration of his birthday the pretty artist penned down a sweet message to her boo that got us all mushy inside.

‘’Today is a special day because it marks your birthday. I'm wishing you good health, success in your business and many more years in your life. For a period that we have been together, you have proved to be a true pillar of support during my struggle. I cherish your love and care because you have made me stronger in my daily trials. You're my rock. Thank you for always being here when i need a shoulder to cry on. I love you today, tomorrow and yesterday. Happy birthday.’’ She posted.

A few months after finalizing her divorce from Gardner G Habash, Lady Jaydee revealed her new man and has been going strong with the Nigerian musician cum producer.