Team Mafisi Foundation founder Wilson Muirania aka Jaymo Ule Msee being presented with the certificate of registration by NGO Coordination Board Chief Fazul Mahamed
  • Team Mafisi has been registered as a foundation
  • Kenyans have trooped on social media to slam the move by the NGO Coordination Board

Team Mafisi was legally registered as a foundation by the Non-governmental Organization Coordination Board.

According to the founder and Patron, Jaymo Ule Msee (Wilson Muirania), Team Mafisi will now be a platform for social economic programs to benefit the members.

In an unprecedented turn of events, even the apparent members of the new foundation are not touched by the move.

Taking to social media to articulate their displeasure, Kenyans have expressed their disillusionment with the recognition of Team Mafisi as a foundation: