Local celebrities have taken issue with Joe Mwangi, the manager to 11-year-old acrobatic performer Wendy Waeni following social media posts on her wall.

His posts on her wall accusing Jalango of fleecing Wendy money caused ripples on social media.

Following the weekend drama with Jalango, social media users have come out calling on Joe to own up to his actions.They demanded that he reaches out to Jalang'o and everyone else he had belittled to apologize.

This call has been seconded by several other social media personalities demanding that the manager apologizes to everyone for tainting the image of Wendy.



Ladies and Gentlemen..I Beg that we come together to #SaveWendyWaeni!! This is so sad..I will pen down my two cents on my next post. Repost from @chriskirwa Joe Mwangi manager to @wendywaeni .If you r really sincere why did you delete my post to you on the comment you tagged me with @ericomondi & @njeshqabbz ? Joe mwas Mwangi Why did you delete it ? You r burning bridges faster than you can locate them for Wendy Waeni. Please cease all this and apologize to everyone . Please note it's easy to replace you as manager but not Wendy. Right now as events industry , Emceeing industry, Artists, Radio/Tv we r looking at you and wondering why you r doing this .... like I told u in the post you deleted - you r burning Millions worth of networking and relationships. I have been in events industry for over 18 years ... it takes many years to build a solid brand but it can take 18 minutes to bring it down to ashes, and I mean you as manager not @wendywaeni How long before they feel you r too toxic to be her manager ? ???? . Raise a white flag and reach out to @jalangoo and everyone you have belittled .... it's critical for your survival as the manager for @wendywaeni - I have known @jalangoo for over 8 years and you Joe mwangi for 3 years and u used Wendy to know me ... I am very shocked that as a Brand Manager you don't realize that you r killing your career. Call @xtiandela @terencecreative @millychebby meet them and apologize .... then post an apology to all artists you told they shot videos on Moi avenue really ?(belittling) fellow Kenyans is not the way to build a brand. You are annoying so many people. I can't believe you tagged me and when I responded you deleted and now blocked me from responding (your aim was to show the world I am supporting you ????) .... Finally if you have been receiving money and enriching yourself at the expense of the poor child ... it's about time ... God has a way of protecting his children ... wendy will survive this but you wont. Right now I am interested to know how much money you have received on behalf of wendy since you started managing her, how much ended up in her projects and to her mom ? And how much

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Through his wall on Instagram, popular events manager and emcee, Chris Kirwa questioned Joe on why he was deleting his posts to Wendy’s wall terming the act as sinister.

“He is burning bridges faster than he is able to locate them for Wendy.” commented Chris.

Jalang’o’s producer at the time, Millicent Chebet also commented on the issue. “Never afraid of the truth unblock me ,unblock me I was the producer @jalangoo was talent not accountant,if you have facts unblock me for the world to know the truth,point to note as a producer we never pay anyone to appear on a show interview or even pay for transport”

Other IG users, under the tag #savewendywaeni also lamented that it was Wendy’s manager pulling the strings all in the wrong direction.

According to @tetech93, there was a post on Wendy’s wall calling people as useless, she had been following the post to see what develops but instead all the 53 comments to the post were pulled down and comments disabled.