Grandpa’s new boys band Bendi Ya Serikali comprising Visita, Dufla Diligon, Sagodizo, Dj thamos and REV –launched their debut audio and video Ustaraabu a feel good rumba cum benga fusion, at Club Tribeka on Tuesday (May 17) night.

The much anticipated event witnessed a number of local celebrities from the entertainment industry including personalities throng the event as early as 9 pm for show which was scheduled to begin two hours later.

Grandpa’s Ceo Refigah also used the opportunity to introduce his new band.

According to Refigah the main purpose of the launch was to prove their critics wrong who have always viewed them as specializing in one genre of music.

“This marks the revolution of the local music industry by Grandpa Records who have taken the initiative to come up with a sound that cuts across the younger and older generation by incorporating a fusion of Benga and Rumba with a swag,” said Refigah. He added that Bendi Ya Serikali meaning Grandpa’s Government band should be seen as a new beginning in the revolution of the local music industry.

According to Refigah the Ustaarabu video shot on top of mount Ole Polo’s and parts of Maasai Mara cost them the sum of US dollars 15,000.