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Ghosts handcuff my kids at night, steal from us- Kisumu dad

 Cosmas Ouma at his homestead. (Photo: Collins Oduor]

A family in Miguye village, Kisumu County claim ghosts have been tormenting and giving them sleepless night.

Cosmas Akumba told The Nairobian that for the past eight years, strange things have been happening in his homestead. He is now living in fear.

Akumba, who has two wives, claimed drama started when household goods started disappearing from his house, strange fires breaking out and at times, the ghosts would handcuff his children at night.

“Things would disappear from the house, only to resurface days later. Last month, we were all shocked when we woke up to find my two kids handcuffed. When we tried to inquire from them, they couldn’t explain what had happened,” he said.

Last week, Akumba revealed that two fires broke out in his two wives’ houses under unclear circumstances.

“Mysterious fires broke out in my two houses. What is strange is that it all happened at the same time. It is also shocking that the fires only burnt the mattresses and blankets. Nobody had lit the fires,” he claimed.

 Cosmas Ouma at his homestead. (Photo: Collins Oduor]

The family believes that there is more than meets the eye and alleges that it could be the work of dark forces.

Akumba revealed that two weeks ago, his phone mysteriously disappeared from his house, but they were shocked when his daughter received a missed called from his number.

“My phone just disappeared, but at around 11pm, my daughter received a call from my number. We later received a text message stating: “You are sending people money but you are not sending me anything. I have withdrawn the money I have found in your phone and I am sending your daughter the remaining Sh50”.

He claims he called the service provider’s customer care asking them to block the number.

“It has not been easy for my family. We have visited several churches to seek divine intervention. We pray that these things stop,” said Akumba.

 Cosmas Ouma at his homestead. (Photo: Collins Oduor]

The occurrences, he says, started in 2014 when “ghosts hurled stones at his homestead.”

“I did not know what was happening and at some point, my younger daughter sustained serious injuries when she was hit by a stone,” said Akumba, adding that: “During the same time, one of my daughters who was set to join school woke up with a rope tied around her hands with some oil dripping from it.”

Akumba said he has tried everything he in his power to resolve the mysteries but all his attempts have not borne any fruits.

“When I took my children to the hospital, I was advised to seek divine intervention or seek the services of a witchdoctor. I am a prayerful person and I have been praying over it,” said Akumba.

The family hopes that the community will help them resolve the matter.

“I have already informed the chief so that they also know what is happening in my home,” he said.

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