Self-love, as masturbation is known in the streets has so many people talking.

The act of self-stimulation in an attempt to get sexual satisfaction has for ages been viewed in a bad light, with people avoiding the talk in fear of stigmatisation. These misconceptions have led people to think that the once in a while a slip of the hand into one's pants is wrong.

<p><b>Masturbation has for lon been perceived as an act that harms he body in many ways</b></p><p><b>However, masturbation has more benefits to the body than it does damage</b></p>



People have this belief that masturbating reduces one’s sperm count hence posing a risk of infertility. This is not true since the act does not in any way affect one’s sperm productivity.


No one would ever break up with their partner for this reason alone. While people see masturbation as a process that sidelines partners, some relationships are made exciting by knowing that one’s partner is free to exercise self-pleasure. If anything, they see it as nothing close to infidelity.

Mental health problems

A few people have admitted that a little guilt overcomes them once they have done their act but it doesn’t cause any damage to one’s sanity. The fear that one will be a pervert after a few sessions of this is totally untrue.


Damage to one's genitalia

The only chance there is for one to cause damage to their genitals during self-love is only if they are using tools suitable for working outdoors.

Strange sexual desires

You find a few people blaming masturbation for the weird sexual cases you hear out there. The truth is, indulging in sensible amounts of masturbation does not affect one's perception of sex in any way. The only known way it affects one's sexual life is through discovering one’s tastes and in the process making it easier for their partner.


It is common for people to associate a person who masturbates with homosexual habits. This is wrong because self-love does not in any way relate to what one thinks other peoples’ sexual activities. You’ll find people who are totally against same-gender sex take pleasure in masturbation.

If people spoke more openly about masturbation, these misapprehensions would not stand in the way of what many people find a natural way to cool things down.