Quincy Timberlake, Rose Mueni (inset), Rosemeg Wambita and Esther Arunga

Back in 2009, Timberlake, the first born of eight children (a sister has since died), was in the news over accusations of being involved in the controversial Finger of God Church.

Something Kenyans don’t know is that Timberlake’s real name is Sammy Sajit Singh, according to his mother Rosemeg Wambita.

 His childhood nickname was Joginder, named after the renowned Safari Rally driver Joginder Singh, who died in London in 2013.

“Quincy just told me, mother I will come so that we share a lot in Kisumu, but for now, the environment is a bit tense,” recalled Timberlake’s mother.

Quincy Timberlake and his mother Rosemeg Wambita

She remembers seeing Esther Arunga shedding tears on seeing her, something she found strange as the former TV presenter did not expect to see the state she was in.

She also never had a chance to interact with her two grandchildren, since the couple left for Dubai (and on to Australia) when Esther Arunga was heavy with the first-born child.

At some point, Kenya’s Ministry of Immigration spent more than three months tracking his son’s roots. She came out and confirmed she was the mother after threats to deport Timberlake were issued following the Finger of God scandal.

She was however guarded on Timberlake’s father, saying it is one part of her life she does not want to talk about, only revealing that she separated with him after she delivered their last born 27 years ago.

The teacher by profession narrated how she struggled with the seven children in those years, especially after a school she owned was broken into in 1997.

Quincy Timberlake's mother Rosmeg Wambita

Robbers stole everything, bringing the school to its knees. She engaged in community work after many attempts to restart Eve Park Academy along the Kisumu-Busia Road failed.

“I was depressed for over one year for the loss I got from the school,” she says, adding that she later took a job at Kibos Prison Dispensary.

She describes Timberlake as very polite, kind and bright in school and a boy who loved reading novels and dreamt of touring the whole world.

When Timberlake went back to his village at Kokuro, no one recognised him, with many saying that the person they knew died in the United States.

Timberlake asked her to move from where she was staying in a one-room house in Nyalenda estate and rented her a two-bedroomed house in Tom Mboya estate. He paid rent for two years.

“He promised me four mini-buses, a plot and three tuk-tuks that would generate daily income for me,” recalls the mother.

She said Timberlake just changed “all of a sudden” turned back on all his promises and became hostile to the whole family.

They had to live on deposit at the Sh15, 000 rental house in Tom Mboya and moved back to a smaller house in the slums.

The mother revealed that Timberlake started working on how to make his family forget him by taking away all the photos she had of him in more than 10 family albums.

She however says she still has some photos hidden somewhere to remember her son.

She hopes she can get a business that can sustain her and more than 13 grandchildren.

Quincy Timberlake attended Kokuro Primary in Migori, Mulaha in Siaya, before taking his KCPE exams at Siaya Township Primary School.

He later joined Holo Secondary School before and moving to Usenge High School in Siaya got his form two where he sat his KCSE exams.