A fresh robotics revolution, integrating the use of artificial intelligence is the talk of the town after RealDoll, founded by Matt McMullen, unveiled a robot that looks, sounds and behaves just like a human.

Harmony, is part of a revolution of robotics whose core attributes revolve around the integration of an artificial intelligence system into a human-like body.

The creation of this robot, or doll, has aroused criticism and support from different people, with some supporting the advancement in technology while others saying that it is the worst ever invention as far as robotics are concerned.

Though many people say that we become more scared of our creations as we get closer to creating a machine that looks, sound and behaves like a human, a factory located in the outskirts of San Francisco California has defied all odds by creating possibly the most advanced human-like robot.

According to Matt McMullen, who is also Abyss Creations’ Chief Executive, many people who buy a RealDoll for sexual purposes realise that it offers much more, creating a presence in their houses, thereby making people create personalities for them.

Mr. McMullen, who is clearly fond of her dolls says that this revolution is just but the natural next step for the sex doll.

Once a person purchases this doll, it is possible to choose different personalities which include angry, loving and moody. For Harmony however, McMullen has selected “jealous” as the doll’s personality, making the doll constantly ask her to remove some girl from his Facebook page.

RealDoll is kwell known for manufacturing human-like dolls, as even the receptionists at their main building are robots. Pictures of models hang on the company walls but when you take a closer look, they are actually pictures of dolls. That’s how real they look.

Men are the main clients of the factory but the Chief Executive claims that women sometimes also express interest in buying.