Someone lied to us all that a man is his shoes. This person did not talk about women's shoes. But today, I can exclusively dissect for you all this. You will realise that a woman's shoes gives us insight into her character, spending habits and can help us predict her future behaviour in a relationship. Without wasting a lot of time, here are the different types shoes and what they say. 

1.High heels - Every time you see a lady in high heels and she's strutting elegantly with a smile on her face, smile back or say hello. You see, heels are torture.Even catwalk models strain in them. High heels are the hallmark of feminity and elegance. If you are in a relationship with such a lady, be sure to have classy cutlery and other household items. 


2. Open flat shoes - On a normal day, these women will be covered with dust as though they are camel traders walking across the Sahara desert. They will pick all dirt on the streets and expose their legs to a million germs. Need I tell you that these are careless women? Don't take them seriously. In fact, I urge men not to take women who wear open flat shoes on dates. Or walk with them.They instantly rub the bad shoe style on you. Always insist on classy high heels or closed flat shoes. No decent woman walks around town on foot in those dust picking shoes. Lest I forget, they will always pretend that they have this terrible backache that reverberates each time they wear heels. 

3. Ladies In Boots - Boots are sexy. The owners of boots are outgoing, unique and on top of the shoe game. However, don't say mean things about ladies who wear knee-length boots when the sun is overhead. Those ones are trying to emulate the fierce wonder women in boots. Still on boots, only hail and bow to ladies in pricey, unique and classy boots. One last thing on boots, flee from women who wear men's safari boot. They will deceive you that they are unisex. That's a white lie. They want to be like men. They will drink beer from the bottle and even cheat because you cheated. 

4. Ladies In Wedges -Wedges are not everyday shoes you see in D class stalls. They are unique shoes. It doesn't go without saying that the wearers are unique. They are the kind of women who will go bald, have short hair or wear dreadlocks when all women folk are falling over themselves to get the latest human hair. 

5. Ladies With 50 or more pairs of shoes - It is common to see accomplished women say things like they have 70+ pairs of shoes and they are still counting. People will aah! and ooh! at this amazing phenomena. But I can tell you for free that it's in vain. Psychologists will tell you that these people have low self-esteem. They are trying to fill a hole in their lives with the many pairs of shoes. It's just like men who buy expensive cars for fun. Ignore such women since they will waste all the money buying shoes at the expense of buying important things.