I enjoy watching experiments. They somewhat depict, in theory, how life is in reality.

When this stuff is mixed with that or the other and a third thing comes out; when illustrations are used to prove a fact, it leaves the images embedded in our minds for good.

One day, a professor was teaching his class about mass, density and volume. In his characteristic analogy, he gave them a very classic example. He filled a glass with water and asked one of the students to hold it up. And while he held it up, the professor asked a couple of students to guess how much they thought the glass weighed.

One of them suggested eight ounces, and another 12; both within reasonable estimation. However the gray-haired professor, visibly unexcited about that, interjected with a somewhat an unexpected answer. He said, “This glass does not weigh what the weighing machine would read. Its weight depends on how long you hold it up! The shorter the duration, the lighter the weight, the longer the duration, the heavier it becomes, until holding it up becomes unbearable”.

“This experiment,” he said, “is not about a glass filled with water. It is about the weights we carry in life; anger, bitterness, wrath and unforgiveness. They are not in themselves dangerous until you hold onto them longer than is necessary!”

This life is full of opportunities for offence. Every day, and everywhere, you will be presented with logical and justifiable reasons to become bitter and angry. Things will fail, people will frustrate you and at times, life will be so unfair that you will be tempted to become bitter even with God. Such is life; it has ups and downs, highs and lows, mountains and valleys. But all that make life worth living.

Life without the opportunity to choose between becoming better or bitter is meaningless and devoid of the power to grow. My friend and fellow minister, Bishop TD Jakes, lays it practically bare: “Offences are a part of life, but conflicts can be resolved and relationships restored when we stop paying the past with the resources of our future.”

The reason why people keep looking back with regret, even with more admiration, is because they haven’t imagined a future so compelling and so appealing, that their past, with all its grandeur, fades away into oblivion.

It is impossible to hold the future without first putting down the past.

You have nothing to lose when you release offence and the people that have offended you. You have everything to gain by counting them not worthy of your time and energy. Life will exponentially increase in value when you detox yourself of revenge, self-pity and endless contentious mindsets.

We can learn to live again by expelling every entity that has planted itself in our hearts through resentment, anger, unforgiveness and bitterness.

There is nothing as liberating as rising up above what used to irritate and annoy you. You see, provocation may not go away, but it doesn’t need to, if you have learnt to live above and beyond it. When what used to drive you up the wall no longer has the same influence, and when what used to ruin your day no longer can, life will begin to yield to you in miraculous proportions. Letting go is not for the person that hurt you, it is for your peace and strength.

The trap of bile and vengeance has robbed many people of their joy, productivity and the willpower to live victoriously. You need not permit hurt to reside within you. Forgiveness is not a forgotten memory, but memory without revenge!

If you knew what awaits you on the other side of maturity, pettiness wouldn’t rob you of your focus and joy. The people and issues that have crippled your progress by injecting venom into your heart hold no power to determine your outcomes without your consent. Deny them access! Reprogramme your heart back into love, patience, kindness, generosity and productivity.

The past no longer belongs to you, it is gone forever; let it go! The future belongs to God, but the present is in your hands right now; that is why it is called ‘present,’ because it is a gift!

Let go, don’t be weighed down by weights that you should have let go a long time ago. Don’t pay attention to the past and do not consider the things of old. God is doing a new thing; focus your energy on exploring, discovering and exploiting what the author of your tomorrow is building up today!