Most men are scared of marrying single mothers. Out of ten men, two will choose a single mother. Men can date them, pretend they are interested in marriage but take off when it's time to say I do. Of course, many will pretend that they were genuine and truly wanted to marry them. But let's cut it all out and look at the real reasons why men flee from single mothers.

1. Fear that 'baba mtoto' could came back
There's this lie people like spreading about people who have kids. That a kid is a very strong bond and no matter what happens, this man or woman will always look back. That is a lie. Unless people loved each other, kids won't make them stick together. All the same, men are scared that it might happen.

2. Fear of raising another man's child
Most men are not the kind-hearted people they want us to believe. Their hearts are as cold as the peak of Mt.Kenya. They are not big-hearted enough to be a dad to children who are not theirs. Marrying a single mother scares the hell out of them.

3. "Kichwa Ngumu" alert
Many people assume that single mothers are tough headed and difficult to handle. While this may be true, some are just cool. Men fear that these women could have been stubborn, nags and bad girlfriends or wives that's why their relationships failed.

4. She can walk away anytime
Sometimes men have the fear of the unknown should they marry a single mother. If they didn't take baggage from the man they had a kid(s)with, can they take any? It scares men that even before they dump this woman, she can walk away.

5. The success and achievement of single mothers
In case you didn't know, most single mothers are successful. They have money in their purses. They fish out new crisp notes from their expensive purses, which reveals their well manicured nails. Most of them pay their bills and are not the usual "omba omba"women. While men like to pretend that they are not scared of a woman's success, many flee from them.

6. The desperation some single mothers show
Some single mothers are so desperate for marriage. When they date, they literally put all their marriage hopes on that man. Even before marriage is mentioned, many are showing how a wife material they are. Relax mami, marriage is important but not when you are forcing yourself on someone. Men sniff desperation many miles away. They keep distance or disappear like dew in sunshine.