Betty Bayo ties the knot in colourful traditional wedding

By Fay Ngina | 5 months ago
Betty Bayo and her fiancé Tash tie the knot.

Celebrated gospel singer Betty Bayo is officially off the market. 

Taking to social media, the Eleventh Hour singer announced to her fans that she had tied the knot with her fiancé, only identified as Tash, on Instagram. 


The singer later gave fans a glimpse of the ruracio's highlight, where Tash had to identify his bride from a line-up of different ladies covered in lesos. 

"He even knows how I smell," wrote Betty, showing Tash unveiling her as the bride. 


Before exposing her man on social media, Betty revealed that she had found someone and would introduce him to her fans when the time was right.

During an interview, Betty explained that Tash was not comfortable being posted on social media and requested that their relationship remain private away from the public's prying eyes.

"The guy am dating is not comfortable with me posting and talking about him, so that is why I will not be posting or revealing too much about him. He does not want a social media relationship. Right now, our relationship is still on the basics, but when the time comes I will say," said Betty. 

However, after two years of dating, Betty finally decided to reveal Tash's face to her fans while showering him with praises for being a good man. The singer said she had to "take time to get to know him better."

"Finally…it has been 2yrs since we met each other and became good friends, what led there after no one can explain it. I had What really inspired me was how you feared God, respected me and the love you showed towards me and the kids," she wrote.


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"I know your past won't come as a surprise, at least I know all your exes. You're my answered prayer... my love I know you're not perfect and that makes the two of us love."

On November 26, 2020, Betty and Tash got engaged during the singer's birthday celebration at the Trademark hotel.

Betty was previously married to controversial preacher Victor Kanyari, but they parted ways following an expose he was performing fake miracles.

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