In this era, a celebrity’s life comes with a lot of scrutiny from different perspectives. With paparazzi and bloggers constantly on their neck, the celebrity lifestyle is not one to fancy.

Wahu and Nameless

Wahu and Nameless.

This is one couple that has stood the test of time. Anytime you think of a celebrity couple, they are the first to come to mind. Married for over 14 years, the two have been blessed with two adorable daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio. These two celebrities are also one of the brainiest ones in Kenya. David Mathenge a.k.a. Nameless is a graduate of the University of Nairobi where he studied architecture while his better half majored in Mathematics. She further pursued her studies and obtained a master’s degree in Communication.

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Dj Mo and Size 8

Dj Mo and Size 8.

The gospel couple tied the knot in a hush-hush wedding at the Attorney General’s office on September 23, 2013. Despite all the challenges they have faced as a couple, they are now in their seventh year in marriage. The two have been blessed with two beautiful kids.

Kenrazy and Sosuun

Kenrazy and Sosuun. Photo: Courtesy.

Celebrity couple Kenrazy and Sosuun is among the artistes who’ve been in a marriage for more than five years. The two talented rappers have stayed relevant in the Kenyan music industry this far with their peculiar sound, Ghipuka. They are blessed with two kids.

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Junior Nyong’o and Wanja Wohoro

Junior Nyong’o and Wanja Wohoro. Photo: Courtesy.

This is probably the newest celebrity couple in town. Junior, son of Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o and brother to acclaimed actress Lupita Nyong'o married songstress Wanja Wohoro in an exclusive ceremony in Limuru, Kiambu County a few weeks ago. The two met in 2015 when Wanja, who had been living in Australia came home before attending a party where she met Junior. The rest is history.  

Bien and Chiki

Bien and Chiki.

Bien, Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist hit the headlines when he hired out a cinema hall to propose to Chiki. Fast forward to march this year, the two lovebirds tied the knot in a highly secretive wedding ceremony where attendees were not allowed to carry phones. Chiki is a wellness instructor, radio host and dance choreographer.