Diana Marua lines up two shows as debut song approaches 1million views

By Vincent Kejitan | 5 months ago
Diana Marua [Courtesy]

There has been a lot of noise after Diana Marua aka Diana B launched her rapping career by releasing her debut song Hatutaachana.

A lot of hate has been spewed on social media but if numbers are anything to go by, Diana B is doing pretty well.

Currently, the song has over 900,000 views on YouTube and 59,000 likes, and they will definitely go up over time.

Taking to her socials, the rapper was over the moon that despite being a novice in the industry, she is fully booked for performances this weekend.

“I'm just two days old in the music industry and my weekend is FULLY BOOKED. This Saturday, I'll be performing my first show in NAKURU, BAHATI CONSTITUENCY!!!!

“Another one!!!! Kisii let's party on Saturday night @Nexus_Bistro_and_Lounge. #DIANA_B IS GOING TO BE IN THE BUILDING AND BE SURE, IT'S GOING TO BE FIREWORKS,” she wrote.

Diana B [Courtesy]

In the comments section, many wondered how she would entertain revelers with only one song but others encouraged her to keep working hard.

eunitahclement: na hio song moja ama kuna ingine

iamt2wain: Yani watu wanalipa concert yenye mwenye ngoma ndie anaijuwa pekee yakeee

kenyanbwoy69: Just one song already gigs

cecilia_aggie: go go girl and nobody should drag you down with their negativity

kevinsitienei: Si tunakuja tukurecord tutengeneze nayo memes 

Mwende: Watu waendelee kuongea matope

Despite the negativity and hate comments thrown at Diana, her husband Bahati has continued encouraging her, saying he is pleasantly surprised by her achievements.

“Dear Fellow Men; the best thing You Can do in this Life is to Empower Your Wife! GO & SHINE MY LOVE DIANA_B! YOU HAVE SURPRISED ME.”

Diana B [Courtesy]

Diana on Tuesday, November 30 hinted that organisers might have to part with roughly Sh850,000 to acquire her services.

“Why are people shocked at my rate card??? Just Ksh 850,000?? Kwani wasanii wanalipangwa pesa ngapi??? For bookings call my management. Diana B on this!” she wrote on social media.

It is not possible to see the number of dislikes on the song due to YouTube’s recent policy on making them private.

The Google-owned company said that this change was part of an ongoing goal within YouTube to make the platform more inclusive by eliminating harassment and hate.

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