Grace Makosewe

This week has been quite sorrowful and slow as the news of Grace Makosewe’s death hit social media. Grace was found dead at her apartment in Ngumo. According to sources within the family, she was feeling quite uncomfortable and she removed her clothes to sleep on the cold floor.

This happened on Monday evening. When the police came to investigate, James Gor, a cousin of Grace, was called at 3am from his home in Ongata Rongai to come and help in investigations.

They broke the main door, to her house as it was locked, and found her lying on the ground on her stomach, naked. They then covered her body with a towel. There were liquor bottles on her dressing table and a shisha bong.

According to sources within her family, she had not been going to work for about two months. She had also developed poor feeding habits and she had no sleep for days.

Makosewe had just landed a new lucrative radio job in Tanzania. She was not in talking terms with her mother, according to family sources.

Their differences stemmed from her poor health and “depression”. She stopped leaving the house and would call or text when she needed something to be brought to her room like food.

Results of a post-mortem carried out last Thursday showed there was a blood clot in her lungs. According to doctors, this had caused some breathing problem and a lot of pain on her whole body.

Funeral arrangements are underway so lookout for details on social media and in the Press.