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5 things men are ashamed of


As man there are things that you’d rather be caught dead with, things that you’d be royally embarrassed every moment of your life. Some are hardly things a man can alter; God intended them to be there so that you can carry them for the rest of life if you don’t choose to tragically end your life. Among them are:

Getting dumped

When she dumps you for another dude without telling why and you are left wondering where you went wrong or what you don’t have. You feel ashamed trying to conjure reasons why she left you. Worse still if you find out that your replacement is richer than you are, say drives. Nothing just makes a man ashamed than thinking that there is a better guy somewhere that she prefers than him. Men have this inclination to think that no one is better than them.

Losing a job

Even for reasons beyond you, like when a company decides to down size due to harsh economic times, losing your job makes you feel so ashamed of yourself. It’s worse if it comes at an unexpected time, when you don’t have any savings because you’ve had this illusion that you’ll have the job forever. Times are different. In days of the yore masculinity was defined by what a man could hunt. The greatest hunter had a trove of women admiring him and a couple of wives, which he would add if he needed to. Nowadays its money. When you lack money even your dog might bite you. You lose respect and what’s worse when your spouse or girlfriend doesn’t listen to you anymore?

Having a big ass and tits

A big ass is a blessing for women. All the stares and ogles, the catcalls (which they like but won’t admit) and the attention they get. But as a man what would you do with a big protruding thing on you behind? You can’t even Instagram the thing. When you walk around people stare at you strangely, like you made a mistake. Some will throw some vile jokes on you as you walk by. Some might even cheekily spank you and worse still become a gay man’s object of fantasy even when you are the straightest man on earth- that’s even more embarrassing.

Having a small wiener

This is the reason why some people have businesses, the kind they sneak into back pages of newspapers, promising to improve its size, without any side effects. Science has tried to demystify what can be termed as ‘small’ with some debating that the size doesn’t matter, how you it use matters. Still, men with small wieners walk around ashamed at the thought that they can’t ever satisfy a woman with such as small thing.

Poor bedroom skills

The bedroom is the epitome of a man’s masculinity; as such a man wants to emerge from the amorous conquests with victory written on the lover’s face. You always know it when you’ve done a good job. Woe unto you if you are a one minute man. The whole world might know it the moment she can’t take it anymore. What could be more shameful?

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