They lost the cases and were condemned to shoulder the cost after they failed to persuade the judge in two separate suits filed two years ago.
By Kamau Muthoni Oct. 5, 2022
Nonini has declared that he will move to court should he not get an apology from content creator Brian Mutinda.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Jul. 28, 2022
Nonini said his actions were a way of fighting for change for a "better world and better leadership."
By Fay Ngina May. 26, 2022
“It is gratifying to see that presidential candidates are complying with the Copyright Law by paying for music used in their political campaigns,” MCSK wrote on Twitter
African News
By Kirsten Kanja May. 11, 2022
The 2021 Copyright Amendment Bill signed into law by President Mr Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday promises higher revenues for artistes.
By Kirsten Kanja Apr. 6, 2022
MCSK CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua has vowed to improve the lives of musicians during his tenure, saying it hurts to see artistes languishing in poverty.
By Vincent Kejitan Apr. 2, 2022
Taking to social media, Mutua gave his profound gratitude for his nomination stating that he was happy to rejoin the creative industry
By Boniface Mithika Mar. 28, 2022