Allocate every need an amount of money that you wish to spend on it, commit and do not violate that commitment.
By Peter Theuri Jan. 2, 2022
Blaming Harold, and expecting a change, is as futile as expecting a Kenyan voter to read the manifesto and vote based on policies suggested therein.
By Peter Theuri Jun. 12, 2022
Hip hop artiste Juliani and his wife Lilian Ng'ang'a have welcomed their first child together.
By Peter Theuri Aug. 10, 2022
But yours truly, the consummate legal adviser, cautioned Harold, insisting that what he planned to do was a cardinal offence.
By Peter Theuri Sep. 25, 2022
In all honesty, her Cabinet is just a small wooden fabrication and not more than three men of good build could fit in.
By Peter Theuri Oct. 2, 2022