By Wesley Kipng'enoh(@Wess_Kipp)

Men can be crazy: From what they like about their woman to what they do with their friends. From their dirty talk, to hilarious lines. These are typical of most dating men raised in the hustles of Kenya. However, research has shown that women love weird things.

One morning your girlfriend wakes up craving for “Mutura”! I mean, by all means,  how is that even possible? They are so spontaneous, that you can barely imagine a quarter of what they may crave next. Most men would imagine that women love big things about them. Well, I come with the gospel about silent, unexpected things that women like about their men.

They have safely tucked these things in their hearts because they find them sexy in a way. They may have unexpectedly attracted your woman to you as a man or better, are the only things keeping her around you!

The girlish, feminine side
Sissy, or so they call it. Sometimes men behave in a way that leaves you wondering. How can a man do that ? That is so sissy, your mind boggles. Yet such things could probably be attracting your woman to you. Those feminine things that you do could be the magnet dude. The massage, doing nail polish for her...Sometimes, drop the tough guy thing that you have, and be tender with her. Crazy, right?

Men’s smell
Talk of all expensive perfumes and colognes. Yeah, they work for most women. But, your own body odor is the real deal bro. Your woman could be in love with your scent and you don’t even know it. That makes  According to research, this body odor is a thing among women. American researchers tell us that a man's natural scent can turn a woman on in a matter of seconds! I rest this case.

Telling your secrets
We have a problem with that. Men keep things from their women, instead they choose to drink over it or better, tell it to his friends. Here is the news: When you tell your woman about your secrets, trust me, the confidence she has on you grows. She will see the bravery that comes with it, and the sexiness. So don’t think she will find your weak rather it’s the other way round.

Your manners as a man
Are you a disciplined chap or are you all over the place leaving careless marks? Women will note how you respond to a waiter in a restaurant, how you talk to the ‘konda’ in a matatu. They may not tell you this, but playing it cool, when you should, definitely keeps her around. Being decent is something women are attracted to. Roughness has a place to some women, but not as much as decency.