The heavy-man is a regular at the facility [Photo: Shutterstock]

There was drama last weekend in a boarding and lodging facility in Maragua, Murang’a, when a man who broke a bed during a love-making session refused to pay for its repair.

However, the manager cunningly ensured the man paid up immediately and even left a tip.

This was after the manager sent out one of his workers to get the man’s wife to come over and pay for the damage since her husband was stubborn.

The heavy-man is a regular at the facility since he runs a butchery in the town.

Last weekend, he appears to have landed a local slay queen whom he convinced to indulge with in the lodge.

The two took a couple of beers at the lodge’s pub [Photo: Shutterstock]

According to the lodge manager, the two took a couple of beers at the lodge’s pub, then paid Sh100 for a two hours.

The manager said the agreement was that the two would come out of the room at exactly 10pm.

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“This was because nightlong charge for the room is Sh200, but we charge less for a short time but insist on the client to observe time,” he told Crazy Monday.

The manager issued the man with a packet of condoms, which he refused saying his girl was not a prostitute.

The manager's attention was drawn to loud creaks [Photo: Shutterstock]

“I found it strange and outright recklessness that such a young girl proceeded to the room without any protest despite the obvious risk she was exposing herself to,” he adds.

But he says his work is to sell rooms and not to counsel grown-ups on love matters and that is why he went on minding his own business after showing them the room.

“But 20 minutes later, my attention was drawn to loud creaks and then a crash from the room. I hurried to see what was going on,” the manager says.

He was met by the angry man who was complaining that he had been shortchanged and demanding a refund or another room with a stronger bed.

The manager says it is a policy in the premises that all customers must pay for damages to the properties and that is why he demanded the two pay.

The two argued fiercely with the manager demanding to be paid for the damage and the man insisting that it was not his fault that the bed crashed.

The man’s wife was heard inquiring aloud [Photo: Shutterstock]

It was after the two failed to reach a compromise that the manager tricked the man to wait as he made fresh arrangements to show him another room.

“But something odd happened. The man’s wife was heard inquiring aloud what was so urgent that the manager had to summon her into the pub,” the colleague says.

As if bitten by a snake, the man is said to have darted into a nearby store and frantically urged his lover to go and tell the manager that he needed to see him urgently.

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“The message was relayed and the manager went to the store. The man pleaded that none of what was happening should be disclosed to his wife, that he was only teasing and after all knew he could pay for the bed and even tip the manager,” the colleague adds.

“He paid up.”

The wife was lied to that the husband had called her to take some money he had on him since he feared he might lose it once he got drunk.