Okonkwo’s insistence that the school had nothing to do with the alleged students’ trip to Mombasa since it took place during the holidays fell on deaf ears.

Parents rejected his advice to report the matter to their chiefs or the police.

They put him to task over the school’s letter head, stamp and signatures on the letters they had received from their sons informing them about the trip.

The charged parents threatened to march to CS for Education, Amb Amina Mohamed’s office.

Some shouted that he had outlived his usefulness at Meta Meta. Okonkwo, as you are aware, is in his sunset years in the profession and is wary of any scandal that may interfere with his pension.

The school’s discipline committee was thus summoned to investigate the matter urgently.

The issue of a sitting allowance almost scuttled the investigations. With our support, Aeneas argued that we needed a facilitation fee as the sittings would interfere with our budget.

Thunder needed money to fuel his pick-up while Vasco Da Gama said he would be using an Uber taxi.

Okonkwo, quoting from the TSC code of regulations, informed us that we were supposed to be on duty unless one was on official leave.

The school deputy head, Wa Makeri, however, saved the day. “Mwalimu, can’t the bursar do something for us once schools open?” she posed. Okonkwo grudgingly consented. Of course, as the chair, Wa Makeri, will pocket more.

Over the following days, we got a lot of information from parents. Reportedly, as soon as Gidi got home at 9pm on the scheduled day of arrival from Mombasa, he removed some coconuts from a bag.

“Mum, nimekuletea nazi na madafu.” “Ati Madefu, zirudishe mahali uliziokota,” his mother hissed.

Her cold tone made him realise that their scheme had fallen apart. Gidi’s mother, popularly known as Mama Mboga, barred the door.

Brandishing the razor sharp knife used for cutting Sukuma wiki for customers, she commanded: “Sema kila kitu!” Cornered, the rascal spilled the beans.

The boys had rented a room at Nairobi’s Kayole Estate. They spent their days recording rap songs at a studio there.

Only the devil knows the escapades they engaged in at night. Gidi confessed to chewing some muguka leaves but flatly denied having smoked anything.

During the school’s talent show early in the term, the boys convinced themselves that they had talent and resolved to record some rap hits. Joshua knew of a cheap studio.

They would, however, have to raise some money and the fictional trip to Mombasa came to their rescue.


Joshua volunteered to forge the letters to their parents. As a computer student, he took advantage of his access to the computer lab.

Right under the watchful eye of the computer teacher; he authored the letter, scanned the school’s letter head, stamp and teachers’ signatures and in a most audacious move, printed them in the lab!

To make the trip appear real, they got photos from a student who had been to Mombasa the previous year and forwarded them to their excited parents who shared them on whatsApp.

The accounts given by the other aspiring rappers agreed. When Joshua’s father, a retired prisons officer, ordered his son to take him to the studio, they found a notice on the door; VACANT ROOM.