Bussa Krishna, a 31-year-old farmer from the remote village of Konne, in India’s Telangana state

It is no secret that Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters idolise him, but we have yet to hear about any of them worshipping him as a god.

Interestingly, that’s exactly what an Indian man has been doing for the last three years, and he’s not even a Trump supporter.

Bussa Krishna, a 31-year-old farmer from the remote village of Konne, in India’s Telangana state, prays to a photo of US President Donald Trump several times a day.

He makes offerings of vermilion, turmeric and flowers to the photo and carries it with him wherever he goes, openly declaring his devotion to his unusual deity.

Krishna claims that being called mad by family and friends for worshipping Trump the same way as Hindu gods has only strengthened his resolve, and he now hopes to build a temple dedicated to the US President.

It’s not clear exactly when the Indian farmer started worshipping Donald Trump.

9News claims that he’s been doing it for three years, ever since he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, while the Hindustan Times reports that he came up with the idea in February of last year, following the killing of a software engineer from Telangana by a US Navy veteran, in an alleged act of hate crime.

“I was very much pained at the incident. I thought the only way the US president and his people could understand the greatness of Indians is to display our love and affection towards them. That is why I started worshipping Trump with a hope that the prayers would reach him one day,” Krishna said.

“I believe Indians can win over anyone with their spiritual powers. When you cannot take on a mighty person directly, you can win over him with love and worship and that is what I am doing,” said Krishna.

So he’s basically praying to Trump in the hopes that his spiritual power will somehow reach the US President and convince him of the love and affection that Indians have for him.