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Some men suck ‘mchele’ from women’s breasts




There are various drugs used for spiking drinks, but the most common in Kenya are GHB and Rohypnol, which can be bought from pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.

Dr Omondi Beatrice, a private practitioner, explains that, “In most instances, the drug is dropped into their alcohol, or they inhale or suck it from breasts of the women. When a drink is spiked, thee effects may last for up to 12 hours or more.”

But how does mchele kill? Dr Omondi explains that, “It’s dependent on the amount used, the body weight of the victim, and the amount of alcohol one takes. Most drugs used to spike are depressants like Valium and Rohypnol. Depressants are like sedatives. When introduced to your drink, they relax your body and cause sleepiness. Too much of the drugs slow down the organs in your body.”

Dr Omondi adds that, “Loss of motor skills occurs and your speech becomes slurred and vision poor. That’s why you will feel nausea because the body is trying to reject the foreign substance.

A drug like GBH is a dangerous chemical. So, when combined with alcohol, it’s reaction to the body can be toxic and even induce a coma.”

Rohypnol medically calms mentally ill patients. It is addictive and gives a sleepy ‘high’ if consumed by a ‘normal’ person. The drug, when combined  with alcohol, gives a very potent effect on the target. Known worldwide as the date rape drug, it is banned in the United States and most European countries.

Some drugs like Valium are indicated in cases of depression but the most dangerous of the ‘mchele’ drug is GHB. “This drug is very dangerous when added to alcohol and its effects include inability to speak properly, sleepiness, amnesia, hallucinations and short-term comas. Given that it is odourless and colourless, most victims would be highly unlikely to detect it,”says Dr Omondi.

—David odongo

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