Get to the bottom of Mutula’s mysterious death

By Joseph Mutua Ndonga

The investigators shouldn’t leave anything to chance in unearthing the cause of Mutula Kilonzo’s death.

Senator Mutula was a principled politician, a renowned lawyer, courageous and straight talking man. He never shied away from speaking out his mind on what he believed was right.

His untimely death was a big loss not only immediate family members, relatives but the country as a whole.  For the reason, many hope that the investigation teams comprised of police and the pathologists would help the country to unravel the mystery.

So far, the detectives have made substantial progress. The teams are following crucial leads from his workers at his Manzooni home who interacted with him and were the last to see him alive. According to the versions of the workers, the senator was in a robust health and jovial mood when he arrived at his home.

He drove himself and after parking the car he greeted them before he entered the house. He is said to have stepped out a few minutes later and walked around his farm during which he supervised and inspected projects in the company of some workers. It is said he also met with some of his supporters.

According to media reports, his workers found him in bed with foam in his mouth. It is said besides foam he had vomited on bed and in the bathroom sink. This indicated at one point he woke up went to the bathroom and returned to bed. This begs the question, what caused the vomiting and the foaming?  

 Also, it’s said it was unusual for him not to lock the door from inside. Did he forget to lock the door because something was troubling him or he was in great pain?

Initial reports suggested the cause of death could have resulted from heart attack. But, so far, it appears the toxicological experts are pursuing other leads including food poisoning, sudden low sugar levels and usage of prescribed drugs.

Meanwhile, questions are being raised about the whereabouts of his wife at the time of incident. Did she used to accompany him to the farm? If yes, why was she missing this time? Perhaps it is time the widow should come out to clear the air. If she is still in a state of shock and lost for words, the family spokesperson can talk on her behalf.

Joseph Mutua Ndonga is a Human Rights Activist and Comments on National Issues. Joseph resides in Nairobi.