Planning on quitting your job for business?

Ronald Karauri, CEO of SportPesa.
I don’t believe that people should give up and quit their jobs or ventures as many people nowadays get advised to do. It’s not necessary to quit your job because you are looking to start a new, self-driven venture (self-employment). 

If you plan and work smart it is possible to start building your venture while still employed (whilst being compliant to legal restrictions) until you find your feet and you’re ready to leave employment.

Good opportunities are not as common as many people think, and a job financially secures you and your family. However, always keep your eyes open for opportunities and be ready to seize them. Self-employment is not easy.

But if you have to, ensure you aren’t tied up in too many loans but rather prioritise some money to invest in strategic projects.

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Ronald Karauri, CEO of SportPesa

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