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4 things you should be eating to get a healthy glow

By Mirror

Updated Friday, February 19th 2016 at 09:33 GMT +3


Our top tips on getting a healthy glow from the inside out…

Fed up of having tired, dull-looking skin? Time to give yourself a boost from the inside out with our top tips.

1. Essential ingredients

When your body isn’t getting enough essential fats, it can lead to a lot of health complaints, including dry and damaged skin.

Try to eat more fish and leafy green veg, and add an extra omega-3 source into your diet.

2. Berry important

Want to bring out your inner glow? Nutritionist Yvonne says to include purple and red berries in your daily diet, because they contain powerful antioxidants, such as vitamin E.

"You can find them in wholewheat and avocado as well," she says.

3. Move over dairy

If you’re a dairy lover, the bad news is that a lot of people who have skin conditions, such as eczema or acne, find they get more outbreaks if they eat a lot of milky foods.

Try cutting down on dairy-rich meals for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. Coconut and almond milk make great alternatives.

4. Drink up!

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