Last Updated: July 24, 2014 00:06

Tyranny of numbers won’t stop people driven referendum, Raila declares

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has declared that the push for a referendum is unstoppable as the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) narrows down to three the issues it wants put to public vote.

Fall of high-flying billionaire Ketan Somaia as UK hands eight-year jail term for fraud

Ketan Somaia lived and dined like a king, globetrotted in private jets, struck deals in the skies as he popped expensive champagne and dazzled even Kenya‘s rich club with his billionaire tastes, looks and exhibitionism. But he will now face his 50s behindbars alongside some of the world's deadliest criminals.

Gichangi to face MPs over Bill on spy agency's direct access to phone calls

National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director General Michael Gichangi is expected to face MPs this morning to defend proposed amendments to give his agency more powers to trawl private communication.

Form One student loses eye to bullies

A student has lost one eye after he was injured by school bullies. Collins Kiprop, 16, was taken to Sabatia Eye Hospital to remove his eyeball that was pierced after a beating by older students.

Kenya has borrowed Sh829 billion from China, says Treasury PS

The Chinese Government has given Kenya loans and grants worth over Sh829 billion since 2008 for various projects, the Senate heard Wednesday.

Police accused of choking war on HIV/Aids by destroying condoms

The Kenya police and others from five countries were the subject of some very unkind words at the ongoing international Aids conference in Melbourne, Australia.


Kenya will appeal: FKF President Nyamweya says the ban was harsh, to search for new coach

Harambee Stars coach Adel Amrouche will be left out to hang and dry until he clears his one year ban.


Parliament orders Kavuludi to postpone police training commencement

The National Assembly has ordered police employer, the National Police Service Commission to push forward the August 5 reporting date for recruits pending probe.

The Counties

Killings rock land company, 43 years later

When a group of Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta’s age mates mooted the idea of forming a land-buying firm, they had no idea that 43 years later, their investments would be worth billions.



Health & Science

  • Secret lives of doctors uncovered
    Recently, when my extended family came for a visit, our conversations led me to realise that despite my being a doctor for more than 20 years, they have no idea what my daily life is like. This means my patients have no idea either.
  • Researchers find new genes to identify Schizophrenia
    83 new genes which could help identify schizophrenia earlier and more effectively have been found in a global study in which researchers from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) have participated, local media reported on Tuesday.
  • WHO: cervical cancer six times more prevalent in Kenya than in western countries
    Women and medical practitioners are alarmed over the increasing cases of cervical cancer in Kenya as the killer disease continues affecting thousands of women every year. Medical specialists say too many women are developing the cancer unnecessarily and facing the pain and hassle of expensive treatments when there are effective and relatively inexpensive techniques of preventing the disease or catching it early.