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State orders refugees to go back to camps

The Department of Refugee Affairs in Nairobi has ordered all 600,000 refugees and asylum seekers to go back to their designated camps in Kakuma and Daadab.

How key suspected terrorism financier escaped police

Police have confessed that a key suspected terrorism financier slipped through a security cordon on April 8 when they raided his rented house in Tudor Estate, Mombasa.

Kenya to spend Sh8 billion on digital platforms to stem insecurity

The Government intends to spend Sh8 billion to register Kenyans aged 12 years and above for the next six months to create Kenya’s first ever national digital registry.

‘Hustler Jet’: Details of claims against Ruto aides

More details have emerged from the report Public Accounts Committee will table before the House on procurement of the so-called ‘Hustler’s Jet’ for Deputy President William Ruto’s shuttle diplomacy last year.

Police officer honoured for rejecting bribe

Mention the police force and what immediately springs to mind is corruption. Indeed, Transparency International in a recent report rated it as the most corrupt institution in Kenya.

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  • Time: The bane of law enforcement Current Affairs In the realm and practice of law, time is and always will remain as the most fundamental and underlying factor. In the vast Kenyan legal machinery, matters relating to time are painfully and sadly contradictory, arbitrary and attributable to delay.
  • Why leaders seek mystics, soothsayers Politics The ongoing general election in India has brought to prominence not only the usual cast of political aspirants, campaign managers, publicists, and vote-brokers, but also an array of astrologers, numerologists, and pundits.
  • Do these foreign NGOs appreciate our priorities? Current Affairs In the article Billions at Stake Over President Uhuru Kenyatta Team’s Standoff With US, EU that appeared in The Standard on Friday, March 16, 2014, Roselyne Obala claimed the country risks losing Sh14.7 billion due to delays by the Government in signing agreements with donors.
  • Fight on terrorism requires proper planning Current Affairs I know Kenyans – and their true friends – are very angry about the Al Shabaab terror attacks. I am very angry myself – steaming hot. There can be no justification – in any religion or moral code – for killing innocents. Never
  • Government mishandling anti-terrorism campaign Current Affairs Security is paramount. Absolutely. No doubt about that. In fact the primary duty of any government is to protect life and property of citizens.
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