Wiper mocks Mutua after triumph in Masongaleni

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“The ward is diverse in many respects and a solid win is a strong indication that Wiper is popular,” said the Senator who is also Wiper’s vice chairman.

Nairobi: Residents want over 40 garages out of estate

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1 hour ago
"The operations of these garages continue to pose serious environmental impacts such as soil and water contamination through spills which are health risks. More so, they are within a residential area hence out of place with the areal land use planning," added the letter.

Kisii leaders push for a bloc vote in 2017 elections

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4 hours ago
“Right now, it may be difficult to forge a single political goal owing to the fact that the electioneering period is just approaching and political re-alignments are about to begin,” said Mr Matundura.

We will not settle for less than a free and fair 2017 election, CORD leaders declare

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15 hours ago
CORD has warned it will accept nothing but free and fair polls in 2017 even as it embarks on voter registration drive tomorrow.

ICC ruling: I will soon be set free, declares Ruto

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15 hours ago
The ICC Appeals Chamber’s decision quashing use of recanted evidence in the case against Deputy President William Ruto may have improved his chance of winning the acquittal motion.


Nyeri locals expect more from Uhuru’s visit

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“He was in Mombasa for a whole month and we saw that by meeting the people he was able to address the problems facing them but what has happened here is just a shame,” said Ms Wangechi.


Why that Facebook post may give or deny you a loan

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Each time you browse the internet, connect with friends, pay power bills, make purchases or check your bank account using your smartphone, it is collecting mountains of data about you. Silicon Valley-based company InVenture is using this data to determine if you’re creditworthy.