Last Updated: September 5, 2015 15:15

URP MPs want DP Ruto to become president in 2017 to combat ICC

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Three United Republican Party (URP) MPs have asked Deputy President DP William Ruto to seek to become president as the safest way to protect himself from the reach of the International Criminal Court ICC.

More changes rock Kenya's National Police Service

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2 hours ago
The changes were reached at during a meeting by the National Police Service Commission on Friday. They come days after Kaindi was removed from office.

Succession race in Kenya's Judiciary

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4 hours ago
It is emphasised that in accordance with the conservatory orders granted by the court, the judges are not being removed or retired, however they will not continue sitting to discharge judicial functions or determine cases in court.

If you are a dairy farmer, think yoghurt, cream, cheese or ghee

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4 hours ago
If you are a dairy farmer and hate to see your precious milk being collected and mixed together with milk from other farms or you are not happy with the proceeds from your raw milk trade, then you need to start thinking value addition.What is value addition?

Drama as defiant Kaindi forced out of coveted office

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15 hours ago
Fresh details have emerged about how forces within the police force conspired to oust Grace Kaindi from her post as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) despite numerous attempts to keep her at the helm of the much coveted yet sensitive position.


Courts wants 'White Widow' case dropped

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Mombasa law courts asked prosecutors to close the case against British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, “White Widow”, after failing to produce her in court.

Health & Science

Doctors warn of rising number of women with low libido

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The approval of the female ‘viagra’ pill has brought to the fore a matter that, at least in Kenya, has remained a conversation in doctors’ consultation rooms.