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State’s plan to limit land sizes ‘recipe for chaos’

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A proposed law seeking to limit the size of private land ownership has sparked controversy, with questions as to how the ceilings were arrived at

Raila: Let's remember wananchi who changed Kenya

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1 hour ago
Twenty five years ago today, Kenyans poured into this city from early hours, defying tight security and dire warnings to demand a piece of the promise our founding fathers made at independence; that justice be our shield and defender

Painful memories of Saba Saba Day relived

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1 hour ago
For the bevy of lawyers and human rights activists who participated in the Saba Saba rallies and even suffered for it, the memories still linger.

Church warns Obama against promoting gays during tour

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1 hour ago
The decision on whether to legalise homosexuality and same sex marriages in Kenya should be made through a referendum, different faith-based groups and the Family Caucus in Parliament have said.

Two injured as military chopper crash lands at Bargoni KDF camp, Lamu

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1 hour ago
Two military pilots were Monday evening wounded after their helicopter crash landed inside Bargoni KDF camp in Lamu County.


52 years after independence and Kenya has only two reform schools

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In 1963, the country's first Parliament enacted a Borstal Institutions Act Chapter 92 to provide for detention of youthful offenders.

Health & Science

Government approves building of KMTC hostels

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The Government has approved the construction of hostels at the Kisii Medical Training College to accommodate over 2,000 students.


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