Seven killed in road accident near Mombasa city

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''Guard rails that used to prevent vehicle impact were vandalized and our appeal is to concerned authorities to fix them,'' Ngeiywa said.

Civil engineer brutally murdered in Nakuru

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6 hours ago
A family, relatives in Kiti estate, outskirts of Nakuru town is mourning the death of a 28-year-old engineer who was brutally killed and his body bundled in a car boot.

Sossion to call for strike if teachers are forced to sign performance contracts

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8 hours ago
KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion has threatened to call for a national teacher's strike, if the government compels its members to sign performance contracts.

High tension along Borabu- Sotik border as three houses are set ablaze

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8 hours ago
"We need a lasting solution to this border conflicts. We are wasting a lot of time engaging one another in primitive activities," said Kirui.

ODM faults government's involvement in Uganda's elections

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8 hours ago
The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has faulted the Government for participating in the Uganda elections slated for Thursday next week.


Why did you forget us? IDPs ask government

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Internally Displaced Persons are crying foul after the Government said it has completed resettling the 2007 post-election violence victims.