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Uhuru heads to Qatar for a 3-day visit

President Uhuru Kenyatta, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and five Cabinet Secretaries leave the country on Monday for three-day state visit to Qatar.

Elderly police officer commits suicide

Constable Elisha Keli’s body was found hanging on a rope in his house. His two children who were in the house woke up and found the body in his bedroom.

Jubilee’s spending wasteful, claim leaders

The Jubilee government has come under sharp criticism over its policy on utilization of public finances and alleged failure to fight graft in public institutions.

Chinese police to start carrying guns while on patrol

More than 1,000 policemen in Shanghai began carrying revolvers while on patrol Sunday as China tightens public security to deal with serious violent crimes.

Reeva Steenkamp’s mum needs financial aid to attend murder trial of Oscar Pistorius

Reeva Steenkamp’s cash-strapped mum is relying on handouts so she can attend Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial.

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  • Don’t overlook the law and turn Kenya into a gangster state Politics Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was larger than life. Many of us remember the Burning Spear – the colloquialism for the man with the piercing eyes – as a figure of destiny. The man from Gatundu is inextricably linked to Kenya’s identity.
  • First Lady’s performance in marathon inspired millions Current Affairs Great and befitting accolades have been poured on Kenyan marathoners for their sterling performance at the London Marathon. But equally and perhaps even more significant was the unique performance of Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the same race.
  • Courts must always focus on applying the law Current Affairs In the last few weeks our courts have made several decisions with far reaching political social and economic consequences. These decisions bring to mind the famous 1963 US Supreme Court case of Gideon V. Wainright.
  • Why governments must strive to reach out to the family Columns In reaction to last week’s article, a very kind gentleman wrote to me and stated while agreeing with my call to the President and the Deputy President to devolve power and responsibility to families, he wanted to know “how do the authorities meet the family half-way? Perhaps you can expound that in your next article” he said.
  • Let’s learn from Luther King and develop our own dream Columns On August 28, 1963, atop the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, before a mass of 250,000 civil rights activists, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered what is universally acknowledged as perhaps the most riveting, most transformational, most inspirational speeches in recorded history. “I Have a Dream”.
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