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Losing your hairline? Here is the instant solution


It is one thing to grow old and another to go bald. Walking on the streets of Nairobi, it is rather obvious that many young men and women are going bald even before they grow old.

Truth is, Kenyans fear the receding hairline like the plague. Unfortunately, some hair ‘specialists’ have taken advantage of the ‘hairy situation’ and are making a killing from selling to desperate men and women shampoos and other hair products that promise instant hair growth. Sometimes this never goes according to plan.

But there’s some good news: Muli Musyoka can help you. A hair specialist, a trichologist to be precise, Musyoka is the first such specialist in East and Central Africa. He trained as a hairdresser in Kenya and later enrolled as a trichology student with IAT in Sydney Australia.

His job is fixing hair-related problems.

“We manage hair loss for both men and women by first, taking our clients through a consultation process that includes trichoscopy analysis to determine the diagnosis, then a treatment plan is formulated based on the diagnosis. This can range from topical applications, oral medications, use of growth factors or even a hair transplant,” he says.

All this comes at a price, which Musyoka says “depends on the area affected as this will determine the number of follicles to be implanted”.

For the last two years, he has been running Hair Hub, a hair restoration clinic that handles management of hair loss and treatment of various scalp and hair disorders.

Among the many things they are popular for is regrowing bald head or kipara.

Musyoka told CityBiz that Kenyans have suffered because the business of hair has been lacking in professionalism.

According to Musyoka, the number of patients coming to fix baldness or ‘kipara’ has gone up in the past year.

“There has been a robust response to some of the services, especially hair transplant on which get many inquiries,” said Musyoka.

Maybe you have tried creams, oils and shampoos before, all in vain. But Musyoka told CityBiz that hair problems need more than trying out.

According to him, every patient who attends Hair Hub Trichology Centre is seen by a trichologist or a qualified surgeon, not a salesperson.

“Patients are given independent advice and options and the decision to proceed with any form of therapy or even transplant surgery is entirely left to the patient,” he told CityBiz.

Among the services offered are hair transplant, laser therapy for hair growth, topical hair restoration therapies and scalp biopsy. Laser therapy costs Sh1,000 per session.

“We have hair transplant surgeons, nurses and technicians who work together with the trichologist to ensure effective therapy delivery after diagnosis. We also have two qualified surgeons, with past experience in general surgery and plastic surgery,” he said.

Hair Hub, which is located on the ground floor of Bemuda Plaza, Suite A5 on Ngong Road, was set up at a cost of Sh3 million.

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