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Kenya’s most guarded VIPs

Updated Sun, June 7th 2009 at 00:00 GMT +3

Kenya’s most guarded VIPs

By Standard on Sunday Team

It could be addiction to and affliction of power, paranoia or the legitimate fear for one’s life in high office.

For public office earns one friends and enemies in equal measure. It could also be a status symbol or fear you never know when your head is on crosshairs of a gunman’s binoculars.

For out there could be lying a vile criminal or lunatic baying for your blood.

Whichever the case your average Kenyan politician is not far from a concealed gun that could be whipped out anytime to his defence. He could be the wielder or the mean face around him.

But dig deeper into the entourage of our leaders and you will be surprised: they are well guarded, pampered and flattered.

Matters of the economy that last year grew slower than that of lawless Somalia and barely outpaced Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, behind the faÁade of untaxed huge salaries, razor-wired homes, with heated swimming pools, the palatial homes that only pale in comparison to Microsoft founder Bill Gate’s, your leader could be living on another planet.

For starters, in a country with runaway crime, questionable human rights record, raging famine, and harsh standards of living, each member of the bloated 41-member Cabinet is entitled to at least nine police officers.

Four or three, including the driver, who is always a police gunman, are always with him in public and social functions, shopping malls, and church.

The rest are shared out evenly among the sentry boxes in Nairobi, rural homes, spouses and children.

This means about 369 police officers wake up every morning to guard Cabinet ministers, their spouses, and homes. An equal number takes over when the first lot signs off.

Presidential installations

Police sources say about 2,500 police officers – out of the national tally of 40,000 (half of whom assist traffic lights and hunt for drunken, careless and unlicensed drivers) – guard ministers, select MPs, politicians and top Government officials.

About 1,600 officers from the 22,000-member Administration Police supplement them. The General Service Unit’s contribution to VIP protection stands at 600.

Top on the list of the most-guarded VIPs is President Kibaki. With his family, and presidential installations, the President has a pool of 200-member elite squad drawn from the General Service Unit.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka each have 45-member armed guard at their service.

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