THE FORGOTTEN PAST: Dedan Kimathi,freedom fighter forgotten at Kamiti Maximum Prison

Dedan Kimathi, a revolutionary and spiritual leader of the Mau Mau uprising was born on 31st October 1920.
Kenyans today gather to commemorate his life at Kurunaini, the spot where he is believed to have been shot and captured by the colonialists. 
Kimathi and other three field marshals are credited with leading efforts to create formal military structures within the Mau Mau, and convening a war council in 1953 with an effort of midwifing the country’s independence from the trenches of oppression  
Kimathi’s commemoration comes at a time when the government is accused of neglecting freedom fighters 57 years after independence.
The majority of them and their children are living deplorable and shaky lives without formal settlements, becoming squatters in a land they fought for.
Dedan Kimathi was captured on 21st October 1956 in possession of firearms and sentenced to death. He was executed on 18th February 1957 at Kamiti maximum prison and buried in an unmarked grave.
The efforts by his family members to have his grave transferred to his home has borne no fruit with his wife Mukami Wa Kimathi maintaining that her dying wish is to honor the independence hero