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Ignore me at your own peril- Miguna hits back at Raila
By Fay Ngina | Updated Feb 21, 2018 at 08:34 EAT
Miguna Miguna hits back at Raila Odinga
  • During an interview in Toronto, Miguna Miguna said Raila Odinga has a lifeline politically because of him
  • He said that he is the only person that validated Raila Odinga’s victory 

Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) General has hit back on National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition leader Raila Odinga after he dismissed Miguna’s claims against NASA CEO Norman Magaya and David Ndii.

During an interview in Toronto, Canada, Miguna told Raila that he should ignore his advice at his own peril.

“You ignore Miguna at your own peril, Raila knows that. It is easier said than done. The youth in Nairobi, the youth in Kenya are not going to ignore me, they listen to me and they are not going to listen to anybody saying, ignore the person, the only person that validated Raila Odinga’s victory, the only person that protected Raila Odinga from being relegated to the dustbin of history,” said Miguna during the interview.

Miguna, who was deported to Canada by the Government after being part of Raila’s swearing-in ceremony on January 30, said that

“Had Raila Odinga not been sworn in on January 30th, today we would be singing dirges at Raila Odinga’s funeral. Because of my courage, because of what I did, Raila Odinga has a lifeline politically. So there’s no way that anybody is going to ignore me. I will not allow it and NRM will not allow it,” continued Miguna.

On his Facebook page, Miguna had warned Raila that Magaya and Ndii are working with Jubilee party.

“Ndii opposed the swearing-in and threatened to lead a walkout from Nasa of Kalonzo (Musyoka) et al. Ndii shouted at me and made the threats in person in my house… Norman Magaya is actively working for Jubilee. He took Kshs. 30m to withdraw the petition against Sonko in retaliation for his failed nomination to IELA,” said Miguna.

However, Raila dismissed the accusations made by Miguna and assured supporters that they have full confidence in Dr. Ndii and Mr. Magaya who have dedicated time and resources working for its cause.

“My attention has been drawn to reports in sections of the media, attributed to Miguna Miguna, claiming that two of Nasa Secretariat staff ... are working for Jubilee Party. We wish to make it clear that as a coalition, we have full confidence in Ndii and Magaya, who have dedicated time and resources working for NASA’s cause,” Raila said.

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