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How Kenyans received news of Kalonzo rejecting envoys’ call to recognize Uhuru
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Feb 14, 2018 at 11:37 EAT
Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka

Kaloznousyoka has rejected calls by envoys to recognise Jubilee Uhuru Kenyatta as President

Kalonzo says envoys failed to point out electoral injustice during the August 8th election

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has rejected calls by envoys for leaders of the Opposition to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as President.

While addressing supporters at Wiper officers in Mavoko constituency, Kalonzo insisted that Uhuru Kenyatta’s government was ‘illegitimate’ and that the National Super Alliance (NASA) had ideologies that would remain in the hearts and minds of their followers.

“The envoys cannot push us to recognise what was blatant electoral injustice. NASA is a people-driven movement and leaders cannot tell supporters what to do or not recognise," he said. "NASA and the National Resistance Movement are in the minds and hearts of our people. Even if you force Raila and myself to recognise Uhuru, can you force the supporters?” asked Kalonzo as seen on The Standard.

Kenyans had mixed reactions to Kalonzo’s refusal to recognize Uhuru as President. Here is a sample of the reactions as seen by Ureport on The Standard on February 14th:

Jorge MKenya: Raila refused to acknowledge Uhuru's win, you, Kalonzo, followed suit. But it's immaterial - majority of Kenyans who voted for UhuRuto as well as the entire international community know Uhuru is the legitimate President.

Charles Ogembo: Well said, Kalonzo. Even if Raila decides to work with Uhuru, we the people who resisted by not participating in the repeat presidential election will not!
Joseph Kimemia:
Recognising the presidency or not is immaterial and cannot change the way things are done in Kenya.

Alexander Sarikas: Another attempt to clutch on to significance? Too late! Recognise him or not, by now it is irrelevant.

Salim Odha: Kalonzo should stop yapping as nobody cares what he says

Judy Marina: Miguna Miguna is in Canada enjoying the Canadian winter while the bodies of some jobless supporters are lying in the mortuary from where they might not be collected for lack of funds.

Clive Kenny: Elsewhere they use tear gas and rubber bullets. It seems so long as the so-called looters and thieves come from NASA areas, it's justified to shoot and kill.

Mam Rose: It all makes sense now as to why Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong'o banned protests in his county. He knows that the vast majority of these so-called protesters are nothing but opportunistic goons looking to benefit from the unrest.

Kairos Minyoo: Why shoot people? God is seeing you! 

Njuguna Muigai: Do not fight for anyone you are not related to by blood, he/she will not acknowledge your sacrifice.

Lucky Lucky: Just you wait till the general comes back.

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