Worship centres suspend Sunday services in bid to curb Coronavirus spread

By Nzioka Justin | Wednesday, Mar 18th 2020 at 10:57
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With every new day, the Covid-19 infection is becoming an issue which everybody is afraid of addressing. The outbreak seems to have brought everything to a standstill, worshipping included.

As a result, some denomination centres have urged their members not to attend Sunday services. Presbyterian, as well as All Saints Cathedral churches, have resolved to cancel all Sunday congregations until further notice.

Sunday services, all meetings, and any gatherings have been suspended in all Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) centres for the next three weeks. The worship centres will only allow private individual prayers.

Though, the church had arranged for spiritual support and nurturing via online and other digital media. "Weddings should be postponed or done in a ceremony of five people, including the bride, the groom, the best couple and the officiating minister," Secretary-General for PCEA Rev. Peter Kanaiah's statement read.

Rev. Kanaiah also urged the congregants to ensure that close relatives only attended send-offs. Additionally, viewing of the body should be banned at the morgue as it brings crowding. Instead, the deceased should be taken directly to the gravesite, with the service not going beyond an hour.

All Saints Cathedral banned all Sunday services, and also home fellowships and any church-related gatherings outside the church premises. The church would only offer limited access to individuals for private prayers instead.

Members were also cautioned against using prayer books, hymn books, service sheets, and every other object. In terms of spiritual support, a clergy would offer consolation to the bereaved, in addition to conducting funeral within a set up not exceeding ten 1ttendants.

Those having wedding ceremonies were advised to call them off or hold them under strict regulations for those in attendance.

"If there are any compelling reasons for any wedding to take place, the Provost will give permission on the understanding that the wedding will have no more than 10 people admitted into the sanctuary, and will take only 30 minutes," stated Provost Canon Sammy Wainaina.

So far, the Covid-2019 has claimed 7,529 lives globally, with 184,976 infection cases in the 159 nations affected. Kenya, on Tuesday, recorded its fourth infection case. This is attributed to the traveler who jetted into the country from London on March 9.

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