Child's body missing after four family members die in accident

Divers retrieve the vehicle from River Nyangores in Bomet County. [Gilbert Kimutai, Standard]

Four family members, among them a child, died after the vehicle they were travelling in plunged into River Nyangores in Bomet County after being hit from the rear by a lorry at Tenwek bridge.

The lorry that was travelling in the same direction as the car pushed it into the river, before being swept away by the waters of the swollen river.

It took the intervention of residents to stop it from being swept further downstream.

Their attempts to save the occupants were, however, futile as the vehicle sunk into the river.

Divers from Bomet County Disaster Management Department retrieved the vehicle from the river and three bodies entangled in the wreckage.

Bomet Central Sub-County police commandant Musa Omar Imamai said the body of a child who was in their company is still missing.

Imamai said they believe the child was swept downstream saying that divers have camped at the river in search of the body.

“Three bodies of a male and two females were retrieved but we are yet to get that of a child and our divers with the help of the members of the public have pitched tent in search of the missing child,” added Imamai.

Witnesses said the driver of the lorry lost control of the vehicle after its brakes failed as it approached the bridge.

“The driver of the lorry was flashing lights as it approached the bridge signalling motorists to pave the way but unfortunately, it hit a car and pushed it into the river,” said a witness.

He said several vehicles and motorcycle riders that were crossing the bridge at the time narrowly escaped with one being pushed close to the river but did not fall.

Mungango Assistant Chief Richard Rotich, who was among those who escaped, said the driver of the lorry was speeding. “I was forced to change lanes to give it way and nearly fell into the river,” he said.