Why Kenyans have been banned from hotels in China

By Ureport | Wednesday, Sep 12th 2018 at 12:32
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Hotels in China’s third-richest city Guangzhou, have blacklisted bookings of guests from Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.

This is after Juliet Hatanga, a senior magistrate from Uganda, narrated her ordeal during an interview with BBC.

 “They opened the door for me, they asked my name and confirmed they had a room for me, then they asked for my passport, when I gave them my passport they told me sorry they could not host me and when I enquired why, they told me that you see, we have orders from police, the police told us not to host anybody from Uganda you are no longer wanted,” Juliet narrated.

When asked why she was banned from the hotel Juliet said that someone from Kenya, Uganda or Nigeria was suspected to have committed a crime in the city.

"Apparently someone was suspected to have committed a crime, which this someone was suspected to be either Ugandan, Kenyan or Nigerian and without confirming whether it was male or female so all of us were condemned," Juliet continued.

Juliet says the reception at the hotel was very unfair since their country has been giving a warm welcoming to the Chinese government.

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