Tsetse fly

  • Officers dispatched to fight tsetse menace in counties

    1 year ago
    The Kenya tsetse and trypanosomiasis eradication council (Kenntec) has dispatched more than 50 technical officers across various counties to fight resurgence of tsetse menace through spraying of animals and sensitisation on better tsetse eradication practices.
  • Tsetse, Trypanosomiasis eradication to boost livestock industry

    1 year ago
    The Government through the Kenya Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Council (KENTTEC) is seeking for partnerships with the African Development Bank and the World Bank to eradicate the menace.
  • Tsetse fly eradication is achievable

    2 years ago
    Tsetse flies have without a doubt shaped Africa's landscape. They determine human settlements, delineate grazing fields and arable lands; subsequently spelling doom for human beings in areas where they inhabit, causing sleeping sickness epidemics.
  • Stop dreaming, eradicate tsetse fly first

    3 years ago
    Lake Victoria is a dream destination for every tourist who loves nature. Sadly the lake remains largely unexploited.
  • Livestock get jab to protect them from tsetse fly diseases

    4 years ago
    Infestation of farms by tsetse flies greatly hampers livestock production, consequently pinching away valuable profits that farmers ought to be making.