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MPs claim Jubilee Government plots to ground Raila politically by targeting his key loyalists.

KISUMU, KENYA: Some MPs allied to the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) in Nyanza claim Jubilee government has hatched a plot to politically finish former Prime Minister Raila Odinga by targeting his key loyalists.

They alleged the Lamu land saga implicating Siaya Senator James Orengo and the remarks by some Jubilee leaders that they had evidence linking Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang' to abuse of office and illegal issuance of sensitive national documents during the duos stint in the grand coalition government is part of the wider plan to ensure Raila quits active politics.

Speaking to The Standard, MPs Olago Aluoch (Kisumu East), Richard Onyonka(Kitutu Chache South), Sylvance Osele(Kabondo Kasipul) and Junnet Mohammed(Suna East) claimed the ruling alliance was playing political gimmick disguised as fighting corruption.

Junnet said the government was trying to portray Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) as the genesis of all the problems facing the country, forgetting that former President Mwai Kibaki's Party of National Unity(PNU) was part of the grand coalition government.

"It is shocking that the scandals involving the ministers who served under the Kibaki's side are not being  mentioned yet we are well aware that some of the corrupt deals were committed by some politicians who are even in the current government," he lamented.

He accused Jubilee of employing a diversionary tactic to shift attention from the challenges bedeviling the country and the opposition's call for a national referendum to address the problems.

According to Olago, the move by the Jubilee politicians was aimed at taking away the political powers of Raila loyalists to weaken the opposition that has heightened pressure on the government to fulfill its pledges.

"If the government was really genuine to fight graft, it should let the authorities with the legal mandate to investigate the issues raised; politicians should keep off," he stated.

He hinted that powerful officials who were involved in graft under the Kibaki's side are also likely to be investigated by the government "to justify that the problems facing the country  have been inherited from the grand coalition government".